I smell gas in my apartment: The surface of gas range stoves have standing pilots that must be lit. Sometimes these pilots can accidentally go out, which can result in a small gas leakage. First open a window for fresh air and then re-light the pilot or contact us to have our someone relight the pilot for you. Please do not call NationalGrid or Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) without speaking to someone from SaffRock first.

To re-light standing pilots:
1. Be sure the surface burner control knobs are in the "OFF" position.
2. Remove the grates and lift up cook top.
3. Locate the pilot ports and light each of them with a match. Replace the cook top and grates.

Light the oven burner pilot in the following manner:
1. Be sure the oven control knob is in the "OFF" position.
2. Remove the broiler carriage.
3. Hold a lit match at the top forward section of the pilot. No adjustment is required.
4. Replace the broiler carriage.
Can I paint my apartment? All of our apartments are painted with Antique White. If you wish to paint your apartment, we ask that you kindly re-paint the apartment Antique White prior to moving out. If vacated apartments are not re-painted in Antique White, tenants will be charged a reasonable fee (dependent upon the color and size of area painted) deducted from the security deposit to cover the cost of extra priming and painting work upon your vacancy.
Can I install a satellite dish? No. It is both hazardous and unsightly to have satellite dishes and antennas indiscriminately installed in the common areas of our buildings and/or roof. All of our apartments come equipped with TimeWarner Cable, Verizon or Comcast cable.
There was a theft/leak/flood/fire and my personal belongings were ruined: We urge you to obtain apartment renters insurance. SaffRock Investments is not an insurance company and therefore cannot guarantee your personal belongings. For a modest fee, renters insurance will not only provide you with protection for your belongings, but may also cover you in the event of natural disaster, water damage from neighbor, fire, theft, or personal injury. In addition, renters insurance protects you from unexpected damage you may cause to your neighbor\'s apartment. This is also a requirements of the House Rules.
I have cockroaches/mice or other vermin: We have exterminators who visit each of our properties regularly and we take pest control very seriously. In addition, we can set up private appointments, upon request, if further treatment is required. Email contact your property manager to set up an exterminator appointment, please note that if vermin re-appear after treatment we usually have two week window to report to the exterminators. Also, please protect your apartment from pests by not leaving food out on counters & keeping your apartment clean. We aim to make your living accommodations as safe and comfortable as possible.
Can I use my fire escape? or hallways, common areas, basements for storage? Fire escapes are to be used for emergency egress only. In addition, storing anything on fire escapes, common areas, basements, attics or in public hallways violates your House Rules which form part of your lease, but also the New York City Housing Maintenance Code and well as the City of Philadelphia Housing Code as well as our insurance coverage. If we find that you are storing items such as bicycles in the hallway or planters on the fire escape, we will have to ask that you kindly remove these items, as they block egress in the event of an emergency.
Will you write my next landlord a letter of recommendation? Yes. Pertinent information includes whether you exhibited timely rent payment and courtesy to our staff during the length of your tenancy. We are happy to provide deserving tenants with a letter of recommendation. Please contact Gabriel Saffioti for a letter of reference.
I am moving out soon, will you be showing my apartment? Yes. According to the terms of your lease, you are required to provide reasonable access for the Landlord and/or our representatives to show your apartment during the last three months of your tenancy. We work hard to provide you with quality housing, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in return.  We generally will refrain from showing your apartment until the last sixty days of your lease and, in most cases, renting an apartment will not require more than a few showings.
What if I wish to end my lease early but I find someone to replace me? Will you return my security deposit? Yes, some of our leases, we allow on approval tenants the option to find a new sublettor/tenant at their cost to replace them upon request; but please note we are not a roommate rental agency, we rent apartments. Please email SaffRock for assistance. If you find someone new to take over your lease or to sublet, we may return your security deposit [after deducting any early lease termination fees, sublet fees, late fees, any other outstanding charges, all damages beyond normal wear and tear, gas company billing etc] and you may be released from your obligations under the lease, or you can continue on the lease with a sub-lettor. However, this new person must be creditworthy, they must take over the lease/sublet on a period starting on the 1st of the month, and they must agree to all the terms outlined in your lease. SUMMARY The any new sublettor/tenant must:
  • Be creditworthy with documented income/financial aid
  • Assume the lease beginning on the 1st of the month
  • Pay first months rent, last months rent and security deposits prior to move-in
  • Agree to all terms as outlined in your lease and addendums.
The below requirements must also be met:
  • You must be current on your rent.
  • Depending upon the amount of time left on your lease, you may want to re-lease your apartment for the remaining term, sublet of the apartment or have the new tenant sign a fresh one-year agreement, if these options are available under your Lease it is still subject to approval from Ownership. If you plan to do any of these options, please contact us to get new terms and conditions.
  • Have the new tenant apply through our online application. The application fee is $45 per new applicant in Philadelphia and $20 per new applicant in New York City. Upload, fax or email 2 x most recent bank statements plus 3 months of proof of income in the form of an employment letter, financial aid statements, 12 month landlord reference, tax return or pay stubs; all applications fees may be paid online through Venmo to, please asborb any transaction fees, as we provide this as a convenience, (if you send the payment as a personal payment owed there should be no fees associated with this transfer).
  • If your sublet/tenant is approved by Landlord, he or she will sign a sublet or lease and you may be released of your obligations under your existing lease, unless you have chosen to sublet the space, again subject to the Landlord\'s reasonable approval of early termination, sublet or re-leasing and payment of fees. All fees associated with subletting/termination/releasing of your apartment will be asborded by the Tenant solely.
  • Your security deposit will be returned from the Landlord approx. 30 days after move-out, not issued from the incoming tenant/sublettor unless we have agreed to that arrangement and cleared any outstanding fees you may owe us, this protects the incoming and outgoing tenant (minus any reasonable deductions for late charges, early termination fees, sublet fees, apartment damage, gas bills, water usage charges etc).
These FAQ are for general informational purposes only, and are subject to change/alteration and are not legally binding; your Lease and addenda always prevail and you should always confer with the Management Office/Landlord concerning any questions or your own legal counsel.